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what is the best robot sweeper——Irobot Roomba 981

In addition to technical accumulation, years of intensive cultivation in the consumer field have also allowed iRobot to fully understand the public's demand for sweeping machines. I recently experienced iRobot's flagship sweeping robot Roomba981. From this product, we have seen a lot of shining points worth sharing with everyone.

Years of intensive cultivation in the consumer field have allowed iRobot to fully understand the public’s demand for sweepers. I recently experienced iRobot’s flagship sweeper robot Roomba981. From this product, we have seen a lot of shining points worth sharing with everyone. We will tell you why we think it is the best sweeper robot.

Today I will bring you the Asian version of 981, they are consistent in function and performance


The Best Sweeper Robot

When it comes to sweeper robots, iRobot is definitely a brand that cannot be avoided. Although there are divergent opinions on the origin of the first sweeper robot. But whether this category can take root in the mass market, iRobot is undoubtedly an important driving force.

Many people may not know. Before launching the first consumer-grade product, iRobot focused on professional robots for more than ten years. For example, military, security, search, and rescue, etc. In the search and rescue scene of the 9.11 terrorist attack that year, iRobot robots could be seen.

Perhaps it is because of the early professional background. iRobot is more willing to define itself as a robotics company. When iRobot moved to the consumer market. It can be described as a “dimension reduction blow.” The company quickly grows into an industry leader.



Public data shows that iRobot currently has a market share of more than 60% in the global sweeper robot market. The US market is even closer to 90%.
Currently, the global sales of iRobot home robot products exceed 20 million units. In addition to technology accumulation, iRobot has also been deeply involved in the consumer field for many years. Let iRobot fully understand the public’s demand for sweepers.
I recently experienced iRobot’s flagship sweeper robot Roomba 981. From this product, we have seen a lot of shining points worth sharing with you. More “active” cleaning mode 981 has a classic “sweeper robot” appearance. In fact, the round appearance was determined after iRobot launched the Roomba series in 2002. As a pioneer of household sweeper robots, iRobot’s “aesthetics” “will inevitably affect the designs of other manufacturers.

How to Use

There are only three buttons” on the front of 981. Press the CLEAN button in the middle, and the sweeper robot can work without any complicated settings.


In the era of the “Internet of Everything”, iRobot has also added the function of networked control to its own sweeper robot. You can set the 981 working mode in the mobile app, view the cleaning report, and set the cleaning plan.

Small handle


This small handle is actually for the convenience of holding the sweeper robot. I have to say that it is a very humane detail.


The best robot sweepervSLAM visual navigation

From simple collision cleaning in the early days to equipped with certain indoor navigation capabilities, the cleaning work of sweeper robots has already bid farewell to the era of “rule work”. The 981 has a variety of built-in sensors to better understand the working environment, and the application of vSLAM visual navigation technology allows it to draw indoor cleaning maps and better distinguish between cleaned and uncleaned areas.

The front of the robot has a touch sensor and RCON sensor

According to the introduction, the 981 will make 60 decisions per second during work and automatically switch between different working modes. For example, when the 981 detects the edges of walls and furniture, it will walk along the edges and use a side brush 27 degrees to the ground to clean the edges. In addition, through the cooperation of the optical sensor and the acoustic wave sensor, the 981 can also achieve fixed-point cleaning in a small area.

Distributed on the edge of the sweeper robot is a drop-off step sensor, and the round window on the upper right is a floor tracking sensor

It is worth mentioning that the 981 vision module adopts a sunken design, and does not increase the height of the sweeper robot itself-the height of the 981 is only 9.1cm, which can easily drill into the sand and under the table for cleaning.

iAdapt area camera

iAdapt area camera

According to the actual experience, I think the 981 is a very “proactive” sweeper robot. It constantly adjusts the cleaning path according to the surrounding environment and does not completely follow a fixed route for cleaning. Behind the more proactive decision-making, the support of multiple sensors is naturally inseparable.

The main brush of the 981 is one of my most satisfying parts. It uses dual main brushes with a rubber surface, which can effectively pick up hair and dirt on any type of floor, while also avoiding hair entanglement with the main brush, reducing the burden on subsequent maintenance and cleaning.


Excellent function

In addition, the 981’s main brush also supports an anti-winding mode. When the winding resistance is detected, the main brush will rotate in the opposite direction. So as to “spit out” the winding. The anti-winding mode actually improves the ability of the sweeper robot to escape from the trap, so that it can reduce the occurrence of motor jams when it is working automatically.

Many people often have carpets in their homes, which requires the sweeper robot to have a certain passing ability. 981 can easily “climb up” to the carpet for cleaning. When the sweeper robot detects the surface of the carpet, it will automatically turn on the strong mode to better complete the cleaning. iRobot officially stated that the maximum aerodynamic power that the 981 third-generation motors can provide on carpets and floor mats is 10 times that of previous models.

The dust box of 981 adopts a translucent design. The filter can be easily removed for cleaning. When the dust bin is full and needs to be emptied, it will automatically prompt. At the same time, all parts of the sweeper robot can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Charging time and usage time

The battery life of the 981 in 120 minutes, and the charging time is 3 hours. 981 supports power-off endurance mode. During cleaning, when the battery is low, it will automatically return to charging, and it will return to the previous position to continue cleaning when fully charged.

In summary, in addition to the basic functions of the sweeper robot, iRobot Roomba 981 has a more active cleaning method and more convenient maintenance and cleaning design, which reduces the time and energy cost of its later use.


It is worth mentioning that the high price of 981 made it impossible to be a cost-effective choice last year, but nowadays, the price of $371 makes it almost impossible to find a rival at the same level.

Such a high-cost performance makes it the best sweeper robot at this price.

By the way, you can also use the echo dot to control it.

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