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Oculus Quest 2 comprehensive evaluation: cheap and easy to use, called the best virtual reality helmet

Oculus Quest 2 is Facebook's second-generation standalone virtual reality helmet. In theory, Oculus Quest 2 is very cool. But to be honest, when I first heard about the Oculus Quest 2 helmet, I was not very optimistic about its development prospects.

Oculus Quest 2 is Facebook’s second-generation standalone virtual reality helmet. In theory, Oculus Quest 2 is very cool. But to be honest, when I first heard about the Oculus Quest 2 helmet, I was not very optimistic about its development prospects.

Creative position statement: writing such a long article for the first time.
Based on the background of the player, the students continue to learn some professional knowledge.
Continuing to observe and consider the industry for a long time, everyone’s content is biased. I try my best to base on the evaluation written objectively. I hope you can correct me and discuss it in depth!


I have been playing VR for 6 years, from 14 years to the present. From a thin piece of cardboard to a p2p heart wrapped in an exquisite plastic mold, from an overwhelmed gyroscope to a faintly flashing infrared camera, from tangled heavy cables to silent Wifi 6 Antenna, the VR that I have witnessed has been over 6 years.

The first actual contact was on Hackathon. The organizer took out a bunch of boxes and said that these were development tools sponsored by Google and were provided for free on a first-come, first-served basis. We looked at a pile of cardboard and 4 lenses. My friend took out the Nexus he just bought and put it in. He seemed to see a new world. And I took out Xiaomi and found that Xiaomi does not support development kits. In the end, I had to run a very lagging virtual machine and barely made a project.

Now think about what this project is: a ball shoots out of the face, hits the wall, and bounces back. Reluctantly call it a “VR competitive game.” There is no menu, no sound effects, and even git has no settings. We both took the U disk to copy each other, most of the time it was “Why can’t this line connect”, “Why is there no response/trigger”, “The ball is gone, the wall is gone”, and it lasted for 48 hours.

This poor project, as expected, did not attract any attention. But the young me, I walked out of the venue proudly as if I had made Atari “Pong”. The excitement of defeat and victory is really interesting in retrospect.


From then on was a period of great ups and downs. All walks of life, regardless of whether they are concerned about VR, are beginning to flock to all kinds of plastic products one after another under the banner of “next generation”, “panoramic cinema”, and “immersive enjoyment”. Just like the little yellow car, the little blue car, and the little green car, they are dumped in this centrifuge-like market. Founded, created money, escaped, leaving a lot of mess.

Some old technologies suddenly began to come to life. Razer’s Hydra, Leap Motion, Sony’s PS Move, etc. also frequently updated their VR adaptation libraries during that period.

Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus alarmed a bunch of investors. Then Rift CV1 was launched, then Vive was launched by the Ham Sausage Union V, Google took down Daydream, Microsoft cleaned up Kinect and entered the MR, various small factories such as Pico Hug With feelings and certain background, he also slowly entered the market.

The tide faded, and now the remaining companies either have technology or money or both. Today’s protagonist is the second-generation Quest launched by Oculus, which has both.

Oculus Quest 2


  • Price: US$299 (128GB) or US$399 (256GB), which is $100 cheaper than the previous generation
  • Design: new black and white color
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform (should be based on 865)
  • Memory: 6GB RAM (Quest 1 is 4GB)
  • Weight: 503 grams, 10% lighter than the previous generation
  • Dimensions: 191.5mm x 102mm x 142.5mm
  • Screen: 90hz LCD 1832×1920 each eye
  • Features: integrated speaker and microphone, redesigned handle
  • Battery: 2-3 hours long life
  • IPD interpupillary distance: three levels adjustable, with three settings of 58, 63 and 68mm


I waited for less than a month from the scheduled start of September 16, and there was no postponement or monkey-playing, and it was delivered to the door on the morning of the sale date on time.


First of all, this packaging is obviously much cheaper than the previous generation. The appearance of the previous generation using matte black personally thinks that it will look more mysterious and advanced.

Recommended games are printed on the back, a masterpiece sponsored by Oculus

“Star Wars”, “Climb 2”, “Jurassic World Aftermath”, “Horizon”, “Population: One”, “Beat Saber”

These games can be regarded as first-party boutiques, so Oculus can safely put them on the packaging.

The theme of this generation is white and affordability, so the packaging is this kind of plain-looking paper, with a plastic pull tab underneath

Simple unboxing

Torn open
A paper box that looks very simple
Today’s protagonist-Oculus Quest 2
Wrapped in paper
Four language prompts to adjust the interpupillary distance (IPD) by manually adjusting the lens
Take off the headband
Remove the protective film of the Fresnel lens


Added spectacle spacers so that spectacles can be worn
The host left and right handles gasket
There is a box
The USB c-c charging cable has shrunk, it seems to be only one meter (the previous generation was 3 meters), and the wire diameter has also become thinner.
The charging head has also become smaller
This generation is 5V2A (the previous generation 5V3A, no wonder the line has become thinner)
Manual and warranty card
Charging tips


The left and right handles are marked with LR stickers
Unplug the battery gasket below to power on
Pull out
Open the battery compartment
Found it is a Mitsubishi battery
The battery gasket is simply placed between the compartment cover

The battery compartment of this generation has also been improved. It was initially magnetic. It comes off easily. This generation has been changed to snaps. Of course, it is also cheaper.

Redesigned handle

Compared with the previous generation, the upper part of the handle has become larger, and the grip feel will take a long time to become familiar

Previous generation Quest 1 handle


IO section
A 3.5mm headphone port and a USB-C port on the left
Power button on the right, indicator light
Below is the volume +/- button and two microphone holes

Android is generally equipped with buttons. The recovery and factory settings are the default. Power and volume (-) Press and hold the boot to enter

IPD interpupillary distance adjustment This generation does not have a separate IPD button, direct brute force adjustment
The screen inside is a whole piece, and the interpupillary distance is adjusted by software

That is, the screen does not move with the lens, but adjusts the interpupillary distance through the movement of the display area.

The parameter is 4K LCD 90Hz, minus the opening left by the interpupillary distance adjustment, each eye has 1832×1920

After dismantling by a Japanese player @GOROman, there is an integrated screen and fixed lens adjustment

1,832 × 1,920 per eye

The screen parameter can be said to have stood at the top of the pyramid


The mask part uses a sponge material with stronger sweat absorption (the previous generation was a combination of textile and sponge)

We can’t see the texture with the photos, and it feels worse. Imitation leather is better.
Can be easily removed


It is also very simple if you want to add glasses spacers

Host shell part

The shell becomes all plastic, abandoning the previous textile and frosted materials

The previous generation, note that it has an IPD button

Quest 1 side fabric matte front

The headband is the most uncomfortable part

It feels like the remaining inventory of Oculus Go. Very soft and difficult to use. The only advantage is that it is very portable.

The previous generation, rubber plus textile

Quest 1 retractable headband

But the size is really a lot smaller


The lens still uses a specially designed Fresnel lens. The blur degree of this generation is reduced a lot, which has a lot to do with the optimization of the screen and lens design.

Then I added a myopia lens. Personally find it really convenient. If you still feel uncomfortable after adding spacers, you can consider buying a similar lens.


Wearing it makes me feel that the design of the headband is really a failure

Press and hold the right button for 2 seconds to turn on

Both indicators will light up

Connect to WIFI after power on, unable to record the screen, the camera lens is too bad, and the shooting is not good
But the interaction design of Oculus tutorials has always been good


Why did I dare to write that Quest2 is the best and most value-for-money in the current VR headset?

Comparing the parameters of the current mainstream VR headsets, you will find that Quest 2 has almost no rivals on all important parameters except for the unlisted Reverb G2. The only limitation may be that the tracking accuracy and screen refresh rate are not comparable to Big Brother -Index.

But considering its price of less than $300, and no added value, such as a computer with a certain configuration, if you want to start VR and want to play it immediately and anytime, anywhere, I really have no reason not to recommend it.

What’s more, you can spend money to buy a USB cable that meets the 5Gbps rate and you can use Oculus Link to play VR games on your computer.

Finally, if you like it, you can click the link below to buy


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